White Hot Chocolate Recipe: How to Make White Hot Chocolate Recipe | Homemade White Hot Chocolate Recipe – Recipes

Looking for a winter-special hot beverage? We have got you covered with this White Very hot Chocolate recipe, which is a heaven for chocolate lovers. Most people go for Hot Chocolate with a dash of spices on top, but once you take a sip of this White Hot Chocolate recipe, you would not ask anything else. This hot chocolate has a taste that no one would want to give up on. All you need to prepare this amazing hot beverage is white chocolate, cinnamon powder, nutmeg powder, full cream milk and some vanilla extract. Just simmer all the ingredients until a little thick and pour into your favourite mugs with a generous quantity of whipped cream and marshmallows. You can make this winter-special beverage for your next house-party, and no one will be able to say NO to it! So , what are you looking for? Go for this Hot Chocolates recipe and let us know in the comment box how it turned out to be.