Whatever Happened To Butterfinger BB’s? – Tasting Table

In 2009, Butterfinger Bites were released in a vain attempt to mimic the iconic BB’s, according to Insider. The bites were well-accepted, but they just couldn’t replace the smaller poppable version that stole the hearts of millions. Butterfinger Bites continue to hold a fanbase though, and are sold today in Walmart stores and on Amazon.

The most significant change overall was Nestlé’s decision to focus on its non-candy products. According to CNN, in 2018, Nestlé sold Butterfinger and 19 other brands to Fererro North America for almost $3 billion. One can’t help but wonder that, if Butterfinger BB’s were around today, would they even taste the same? The change in the brand’s parent company led to tweaks in the recipe and a redesign of Butterfinger’s packaging. Food & Wine reports that Fererro changed the recipe by removing the chemical tertiary butylhydroquinone (TBHQ), eliminating hydrogenated oils, and using larger peanuts while also attempting to make the flavor more “cocoa forward.” Fererro also started double-packaging Butterfingers for greater freshness.

With a new recipe that boasts a more nutty cacao flavor, maybe we should just acknowledge BB’s as they once were: An iconic piece of 1990s American culture.

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