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Hello, Erie! I’ve missed cavorting around the kitchen with you. Well, we’ve done some renovations, and we’re ready to start cooking and otherwise messing around with food and dining. Thanks for joining me. That fun is about to start again and you’re reading the early-bird special.

We’re going to explore all the new trends (there’s another one born every minute) and I’ll bring in a nutritionist or doctor or chef or working parent anytime I find one who will sit still for us.

This newsletter is for all of us who like to take two of something, and two of something else, stir thoroughly and come up with something way tastier than four. I hope to push the buttons that make it show up here every Thursday until I win the lottery. (Which I don’t play, so …)

My kitchen adventures have changed since years ago when I was writing the Loaves and Fishes column for the Times-News. A lot. My son is officially and seriously allergic to dairy and my husband says he feels better when he doesn’t eat gluten OR dairy OR red meat. Meanwhile, I’m on a lower-carb diet than before ― when my diet consisted mainly of, well, carbs.

But don’t for a moment think that I’m going to put you on a diet. We will talk about nutrition and trends and stuff, but mostly I want to share all the creativity I’ve used to keep my family fed and sane. I mean, I find it difficult to function if I don’t know where and when I’m going to get my next chocolate fix. I plan pasta extravaganzas and baking marathons. I plan to grill and broil and bake and sauté and Instant-Pot and slow-cook and air-fry, and we’re all going to have a blast. It’s not about recipes per se, as much as it is about cooking. And food.

Speaking of us, the fact that we’re doing it this way ― online and such ― gives us unprecedented access to, well, each other. I very much want to use this forum as a chance to sit around the “table” and talk. You can reach me and offer ideas, complaints, concerns and plain old comments by clicking on a number of places listed below. But remember your manners. Anything you say from behind your screen is liable to wind up in this column.

If you like what I’m dishing out, please share a bite with your friends and family. The bigger this group gets, the more fun we’ll have.

So watch this space. I’m cooking up a weekly surprise for all of us.

Yours in good taste,


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