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Chocolate Salami may conjure up a whole host of images in your mind. But take it from us, once you try making this at home there will be no going back. There is no meat in this salami but , instead, it has chocolate as its base and makes a great accompaniment to your coffee or tea. It’s also a complete dessert by itself and even the great addition to an ice cream sundae.   This sweet dessert roll has its origins in Italian and Portuguese cuisine and is primarily made of easy ingredients that can be found in your pantry. The name ‘salami’ comes from its physical appearance. Just like meat salami, it is rolled up into a tight cylinder and served sliced into discs. The chocolate salami is a rich chocolatey brown in colour with flecks of biscuits or nuts that resemble the white flecks in meat salami.  

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Chocolates salami is a wonderful option to make ahead and freeze so you can pull it out to cut up a few slices whenever you have a sweet craving with your coffee or when you have unexpected guests and want to impress them with a delicious, sweet treat.  
The best part about this chocolate salami is that you only need 2-3 basic ingredients, after which the variations are endless. You can make it with or without egg and even alcohol like rum or chocolate liqueur. You can make it chunky or keep it smooth. Add nuts to make it more wholesome, cut out the sugar or bump up melted dark chocolate to lighten it up. But the one thing you must do is make it this weekend and find out for yourself.    

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What is Chocolate salami?  

Dark chocolate salami is a chocolate dessert originating in Italian and Portuguese Roman Cuisine. There is also a Russian version which is quite similar. It contains no meat but , instead, is a chocolate-based dessert that is rolled into a cylinder-like meat salami and served sliced into discs.  

What is Chocolate bars salami made of?  

Chocolate salami is primarily made of biscuits plus chocolate or cocoa . The rest of the ingredients are very flexible and the recipe lends itself very well to variations and personalisation. It can contain butter, sugar, eggs, nuts, rum or chocolates liqueur and any other variations that strike your fancy. To make it fancier, you can roll it in some powdered sugars or roughly ground peanuts.  

What can I substitute the ovum with?  

If you would like to make an eggless version, you can swap out the egg whites for a splash of milk or a few tablespoons of canned condensed milk . The whipped egg whites in this recipe add a lightness whereas the condensed milk will add a little richness to the recipe.  

Cocoa powder or melted chocolate, what works better?  

Good quality cocoa powder has a more concentrated chocolate flavour but it is a dry ingredient. Melted chocolate, on the other hand, may have a less concentrated taste depending on how dark or even milky the chocolate will be but is a more moist ingredient and can add silkiness to the mix. This formula, however , has enough butter to make up for the dryness of cocoa and so the short answer is that both work well. The final decision may be up to availability and personal preference. You could even try a version with half cocoa and half melted dark chocolate for the best of both worlds.  

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Now that you know everything you need to, let’s dive deep into the recipe and help you make a few logs of the chocolate salami this weekend.  

How to make chocolate salami | Step-by-Step Recipe for Chocolate Salami 

First, crush the biscuits by hand, in a plastic bag with a rolling pin or in a blender depending on how fine or chunky you would like them. You can even powder most of the cookies and hand-crush a few for texture. Transfer to a mixing bowl.  

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Mix in the glucose and cocoa until well combined.  

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Add in the melted butter and stir. If you are using melted chocolate, then add this at this point.  

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Whip the egg cell whites and fold them into the mixture. At this point, you may want to get in there with your hands to make it easier. You can add the splash of cold dairy if the mixture seems too dry.  

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Photo Credit: Praerna Kartha

Divide the mixture into two parts and scoop onto 2 pieces of parchment paper or butter paper.  

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Shape into logs, roll up the particular paper like a long toffee and freeze for 2-3 hours.

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Slice and serve.  

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These can be kept in the freezer for 3-4 weeks plus pulled out whenever you crave a few slices. The only problem with this recipe is that if you have 2 logs in your freezer, just waiting to be sliced and eaten, we guarantee that they won’t last that long!  

Click here for the full recipe along with ingredients.

Try this chocolate salami recipe this weekend and tell us what you think in the comments.  

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