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Picture this – a rich and gooey chocolate cake, with a thick layer of chocolate sauce on the top! This very idea of a decadent cake is enough to make us slurp; isn’t it? And let’s agree, a delicious chocolate cake can uplift our mood any time of the day. But have you ever wondered why the cakes made by the bakers taste so much better than the particular homemade ones? Let us spill the beans for you. Cake baking is more of science than art. Right kind of ingredients, mixed in right proportion and baked to perfection – that’s how we define a perfect cake. And what adds on to this is the topping. Taste of a cake only gets better with the right kind of toppings. Take chocolate ganache for instance. The richer the ganache is, the better the chocolate wedding cake tastes.    

Now, you might be wondering what goes into making a chocolate ganache like a pro? Let us tell you, it just needs two basic ingredients – chocolates flakes and butter. Don’t believe us? We suggest, give this recipe by Chef Pankaj Bhadouria a look. She recently took to Instagram to share the recipe that is versatile to the core. You can use it as chocolate sauce , chocolate dip, dark chocolate ganache to spread on cakes and more. Sounds interesting, right? So what are you waiting for? Let’s take you through the recipe.  

How To Make Two-Ingredient Chocolate Sauce:  

  • Take 200gm dark chocolate slab and cut it into pieces.  
  • Boil some water and add the flakes to it.  
  • Mix well and add 40gm butter and mix until you get the preferred consistency.  
  • That’s it. You get a jar of chocolate sauce ready in no time. Just make sure you cook the whole thing on low flame.  

Watch the detailed recipe video below:  

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Now that you have typically the recipe handy, we suggest, try making some chocolate bars cakes at home. Here we have some amazing chocolate cake recipes for you to try.

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