Tom Brady’s Favorite Ice Cream Has An Unusual Ingredient – Mashed

Ice cream is traditionally made with a base of heavy cream and sugar, and sometimes with flour, all forbidden in this restrictive diet. In an interview with GQ Brady revealed that one of his favorite recipes from the TB12 Nutritional Manual was a vegan treat of avocado ice cream. This dairy-free ice cream is made with raw cashews, coconut meat, dates, cacao powder, and avocado (via The ingredients are blended with water and frozen to create scoopable ice cream. 

The ice cream maintains that creamy texture we demand from such a dessert with avocados, which, with high fiber content, can help in lowering the risk of diabetes and obesity (via Medical News Today). Both this and cashew nuts are a great dairy substitute, adding richness without flavor as coconut products do, according to the Economic Times. Furthermore, coconut meat, included in the recipe, may help boost your immunity, stabilize blood sugar levels, and may be beneficial in the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s (via National Library of Medicine). Cacao powder offers an unsweetened chocolate taste, while chewy dates add a natural sweetness since it is, after all, a dessert.

Although the dessert is simple to make at home, several brands, like Cado, can be found in the supermarket if you don’t have six hours to wait or, a personal chef like Brady. Ice cream is one of many desserts that can be made using avocados, so don’t throw out those overripe avocados. Recipes like Mexican-inspired cheesecake (via Bare Root Girl), avocado chocolate truffles, and even avocado zucchini cupcakes are delicious, healthy alternatives. Now there’s no reason to skip dessert!

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