Things To Add To Your Rice Krispies Treats That Won’t Make Them Basic – Mashed

For some people, the stickiness and chewiness of Rice Krispies treats can be irksome. But for others, it’s the treats’ best feature. If you fall into the latter camp and want to lean in hard to the chewy, sticky pleasures of Rice Krispies treats, you can amp up the chew — and add a big hit of flavor — by adding a layer of caramel. But don’t worry, this won’t entail standing over a pot with a candy thermometer waiting for sugar to caramelize — most recipes use a simple mixture of melted store-bought caramels, condensed milk, and sometimes butter.

How you form your caramel layer is up to you. The easiest option is to simply spread it on top of your cooled Rice Krispies treats and wait for it to set before cutting. For a fancier presentation, you can “stuff” your treats with caramel: Form a bottom layer with half of your Rice Krispies mixture, top with caramel once the cereal mixture has set, then top with the second half of the Rice Krispies mixture once the caramel has fully set. Whichever option you choose, you’ll get a satisfyingly chewy treat.

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