The Unexpected Ingredient You Need To Add To Your Brownies – Mashed

According to Serious Eats, because of the amount of water that zucchini contains (around 95%), it can bring extra moisture and tenderness to your brownies and help avoid them from drying out while baking — though it’s recommended to squeeze out the excess water from your zucchini before adding it to your batter.

To grate or shred the zucchini, you can use a food processor. But, if you don’t want to chomp down on any zucchini bits, there are recipes that call for puréeing the vegetable before mixing it in prebake (via King Arthur Baking Company). Be sure to pick a good zucchini while shopping: It should look shiny, firm, and preferably not be the largest one. And please, use your hands to clean the zucchini before using it, not a sponge or brush.

Many recipes for zucchini brownies include standard ingredients for the dessert (eggs, your choice of flour and sweetener, cocoa and baking powders, and chocolate chunks or chips). Because of zucchini’s mild flavor, it won’t outshine chocolate as the star, making this squash-packed treat perfect for fussy eaters and vegetable avoiders of all ages. Still, the resulting moister texture might have you considering zucchini for more of your baking adventures.

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