The Real Reason Desserts Are Called Truffles – Mashed

Unlike its underground grown namesake, which is expensive, hard to grow, and overall temperamental, a chocolate truffle made at home is easy as can be. There are lots of chocolate truffle recipes to try — and a few common mistakes to avoid. According to Taste of Home, home chefs should start with good ingredients and stick with good methods, including sufficient chocolate chopping and using the right ratio of chocolate and cream. Also, be sure to let your ganache cool sufficiently, at least until it’s solid enough to scoop into balls that stay intact.

Sourcing an actual truffle is much harder and expensive, ranging from $45 per ounce for Oregon truffles to a whopping $61,000 for a Sotheby’s Italian truffle, according to Though it grows underground near tree roots, the truffle is not a root but a fungus, and it’s rich in nutrients like fiber, vitamin C, and iron. 

Unlike the chocolate truffle, the actual truffle’s claim to fame leans as much on its aroma as its taste. It has been made into a variety of truffle oils, ostensibly for at home and restaurant chefs to add a little truffle to their menus without breaking the bank. Just keep in mind that oils are often infused with a flavor compound of truffles, not truffles themselves, per The New York Times.

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