The Best Fruits To Pair With Dark Chocolate – Tasting Table

What’s more romantic than eating chocolate-covered strawberries with your sweetheart? How about making them together before sharing them? 

While strawberries may be a quintessential fruit partnered with dark chocolate, so many other sweet fruits also pair well with it. Together, the bitterness of the dark chocolate and the sweetness of the fruit makes for a happy marriage of flavor. 

Some of the recipes found on involve covering pomegranate seeds, figs, and kiwi with chocolate. The Food Network recommends using dried mango as well as the sweet fruits papaya and apricots for dipping. Chocolatier Moonstruck Chocolate suggests some more unusual combinations to try, such as raspberries and grapes, along with more conventional strawberries and bananas, both fresh and dried.

When it comes to the sweetest fruits, WebMD has it broken down by which has the highest sugar content. The top five are mangoes, grapes, and pears.

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