The Absolute Best Uses For Ice Cube Trays – Tasting Table

If you’ve ever cooked at home, you likely know how difficult it can be to make perfect portions, especially when it comes to sauce. Our pasta Sundays are typically followed by overflowing-refrigerator Mondays, as we stuff containers full of leftover sauce inside and attempt to use it throughout the week.

If you’ve been in this boat before, you also know that a lot of that leftover sauce often goes to waste. Don’t let the sauce you worked so hard on go bad! All you’ve got to do is pop it in the freezer. If you freeze the leftovers in an ice cube tray, you’ll have nifty portions of sauce that should be around two tablespoons each, according to StopFoodWaste. After pouring the sauce in, StopFoodWaste suggests covering your ice cube tray with a wrap to avoid cross-contamination. Still, once these cubes are frozen, you can use them for homemade pizzas, enhancing your pasta leftovers, and more.

This trick can work with virtually any homemade sauce, such as applesauce or baby food. If you make your baby food at home, freezing extra portions in an ice cube tray is a wonderful idea (via Yummy Toddler Food). With this method, you can make a larger batch of food than you usually might and store the leftovers without worrying that they’ll go bad.

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