Only 1% Of People Think This Is The Best Type Of Chocolate – Tasting Table

Have you ever heard of raw chocolate? While many commercial versions of chocolate bars, chips, and other treats utilize cocoa beans which are roasted before being ground with other ingredients, raw chocolate features beans that are allowed to dry naturally, instead, resulting in a final product that raw chocolate makers say contains more nutrients and antioxidants than chocolates using roasted beans (via BBC). Windy City Organics says raw chocolate can also better preserve the flavor nuances of the beans, as opposed to a traditional bar whose roasted flavor is the dominant one.

All those pluses aside, lots of chocolate eaters seem to shy away from raw — at least according to the results of a Tasting Table poll of 515 Americans in which we asked participants what their favorite type of chocolate is. Only 1.36%, or seven respondents, named raw. The overwhelming favorite in the poll was sweet, creamy milk chocolate, chosen by 43%, or 223 respondents. Coming in at a close second place was dark chocolate, whose bitter intensity was named by nearly 36%, or 185 respondents. About 13% of respondents favor white chocolate, while 6% reach for flavored chocolates, such as chocolate caramel and chocolate strawberry.

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