Nutella has ‘on-the-go’ market in its sights –


Ferrero is bolstering its portable snack portfolio in Canada with Nutella B-ready, a new product informed by its European success.

The launch is rare extension of the Nutella line, as Ferrero tends to focus on its primary hazelnut spread. But the Italian confectioner is banking on the on-the-go format snack aligning with consumers’ busy lifestyles, while also capitalizing on Nutella’s longstanding brand equity. 

“The portable snacks category in Canada is more than $500 million, and within that, chocolate and cocoa flavour profiles are driving the growth,” says Joanne Farber, marketing director for Nutella at Ferrero Canada. “Capitalizing on Nutella’s unique taste profile and brand recognition, we believe we can help further drive the category with something completely different as the perfect break-time snack, anytime, anywhere.”

The bars – shaped like a loaf a bread, but filled with Nutella and puffed wheat crisps – are located within the snack aisle and point-of-purchase, which is to driving trial for on-the-go and impulse purchases, Farber explains. She says Ferrero wanted to create high visibility in store, calling out the unique tastes and textures of Nutella B-ready, as something new for those in-between snack moments.

“By leveraging ‘you love it in a jar, now try it in a bar,’ we’re capitalizing on consumer’s high awareness of Nutella and inviting them to try it in a new format,” she adds. The other Nutella format, Nutella & Go, is also meant for being taken out of the home, but is more of a travel-sized version of the Nutella jar, as opposed to the confectionery-like B-ready bar.

The shopper program is extensive: there’s signage at shelf coming to all key retailers. There are clip strips, shelf blades, wobblers and shelf strips.

Shopper assets will complemented with digital amplification campaign in market this summer, just before back-to-school and when people start getting back to busy after school activities.

On pack, Farber says it wanted a simple and clean design that leverages on the strength of the Nutella power brand. For its key demo – families with teens or young adults at home – Nutella B-ready is sold in packages of 6, which is a typical pack-count within the snack aisle.

Much of its shopper marketing is handled by its internal team, with support from Hughes-Decorr.

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