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Casey Jovick opened Jovick Brothers Deli in March, featuring both classic and inventive sandwiches with fun flavor profiles this master butcher, pitmaster and creative collaborator creates.

For the perfect sweet endings, he turned to his first teacher, confidant and booster — his mom, Marybeth MacBryan.

Yield: 84 cookies

Jovick asked his mom to share her recipe for Oatmeal Scotchies. “That’s his favorite cookie, MacBryan says. “I also make the chocolate chip cookies and the gooey butter cake, but the Scotchies outsell them both.”

MacBryan has been making these cookies for over 40 years. “When my kids were little, I picked up butterscotch morsels, which were next to the semi-sweet chocolate chips, and the recipe was on the back of the package. I guess I thought oatmeal would add a little more nutritional value to the cookie.”

“The original recipe listed orange zest in the ingredients, but there was no orange zest in the baking directions. Back in the day it was hard to grate a friggin’ orange on those boxy graters we had, so I ignored it. The cookies tasted good without it,” she says.

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Years later, she added the zest back into the recipe. “As I got older I mostly baked cookies at Christmas, including the Scotchies. I also got a skinny hand-held microplane grater that is so easy to use I decided to add the zest. The cookies were good before, but with that one addition, they were amazing. They are so fragrant. Now I zest an entire big navel orange into a batch.”

MacBryan also reduced the amount of oatmeal for improved texture. To speed the process, she melts the butter instead of creaming it for this cookie. “I don’t use a mixer for these. I beat them by hand,” she says. “I like a smaller cookie, so I drop these from a teaspoon, not a tablespoon.

MacBryan retired from her professional careers in teaching, counseling, business and community service as a member of the St. Louis Public School Board. Now 74, she’s helping her son. “I’ve finally found my dream job,” she says. “You know, life has its own path and you’ve got to be in the right place at the right time for some things.”

She also shared the first Yelp review that included her cookies: “One of the best sandwiches I have ever had. I had the Voodoo dip and it lived up the hype. The staff were awesome and so friendly. It was a great vibe. I need to make a shoutout to the Scotch cookies. They’re homemade by the owner’s mom! They were the best … !”

Jovick Brothers Deli

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