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International Chocolate Day is celebrated on September 13 every year and it unites us to indulge in our favourite chocolate delicacies without any guilt. As per the US National Confectioners Association calendar, there are four primary chocolate holidays – Chocolate Day on July 7, two Nationwide Chocolate Days on October 28 and December 28, and International Chocolate Day on September 13. While historians claim that chocolate has been in use for about 2000 years, recent studies have revealed that chocolate may have been around even before that.

Available in different varieties – Dark, milk, and white chocolates, these culinary delights are made from the fruits of the cacao tree which is native to Central and South America. On International Chocolate Day, let’s look at delicious chocolate recipes that you must try today:

Chocolates Capsule by Chef Anand Panwar, Executive Pastry Chef, Roseate Hotels & Resorts


100 grams Sugar

50 grams butter

80 grams flour

30 grams almond flour

30 grms cocoa

1 egg yolk


Mix all together and let it rest for 30 minutes in the freezer.

Roll out as per thickness required cut with cutter and bake at 170 for 16-17 minutes

Passion fruit chocolate mousse

200 grams white chocolate 65 % Tumaco Luker

150 grams of Fresh cream

300 grams of Whipped cream

150 grams of passion fruit sauce

8 grams Gelatin Leaf

Make a ganache from the fresh cream and chocolate, add soaked gelatin leaf, let cool to 32 °, then add with a spatula the particular whipped cream and passion fruit sauce.

Strawberry Jelly

150 grms strawberry fresh churn it to make pulp

50 grams vodka

70 grams sugar

8 grams gelatin leaf

Heat the pulp with sugar then mix.   Take out from heat plus add soaked gelatin leaf, finally add vodka and pour into the insert.

Colour glaze

140 grams water

1600 grms glucose

280 grams caster sugar

100 grams sweetened condensed milk

  17 grams gelatin powder

eighty grams water

200 grams white chocolate 65 % Tumaco Luker

Colour – yellow and Red

Cook the water, caster sugar, plus glucose to 103°C. Pour over the condensed milk, the gelatin mass, and the white chocolate.

Divide the liquid into 2 and add yellow colour in one and red colour in other parts. Refrigerate overnight. The following day, heat and use half and a half.


Set the mould in the tray. Pour the half of passion mousse. Let it set for 5 min and then put strawberry insert.

Let it set for 5 min. Now pour the rest mousse and cover it with the sponge.

Let it freeze within the blast chiller for 2 hours. Once set demold plus finish with colour glaze in half and half and place on sable.

Choco shake



Dark Chocolate


Made with milk and dark chocolate, choco shakes offer an essential nutrient called choline which is important for healthy nerve function.

Boil some milk in a broad non-stick pan. Add grated dark chocolate and mix well.

Transfer everything into a mixer along with powdered sugar. Blend well until smooth.

Refrigerate for an hour, garnish with chocolates shavings, and serve chilled.