Here’s How To Get Outback’s Favorite Brown Bread At Home – Mashed

According to the former employee on Reddit, you can actually buy the brown bread at Outback, albeit under certain conditions. As the employee states, all you need to do is go into an Outback and ask for a bag of its brown bread. Then, if the restaurant has enough to spare, it may sell it to you. Outback Steakhouse, while claiming the bread is complimentary with delivery orders (via Twitter), has never alluded to being able to purchase the bread by itself, so perhaps it was something only done at the employee’s location.

Should you be unable to purchase Outback’s brown bread, there are a few recipes that you can try your hand at making. Food, Folks, and Fun has a recipe for Honey Wheat Bushman Bread that claims to be the same kind of bread served by Outback. The recipe is essentially wheat bread with the addition of cocoa powder, honey, and molasses for both sweetness and the trademark dark color. While Food, Folks, and Fun’s recipe calls for brown food coloring, however, The Spruce Eats‘ recipe for Outback’s bread calls for the addition of brown sugar. 

No matter how you get your bread, purchased or homemade, you should certainly prepare a homemade Bloomin’ Onion to accompany it.

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