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Picture: Alan Donaldson

Picture: Alan Donaldson

This silky-smooth chocolate mouse is the stuff dreams are made of – I often use this in the restaurant as an accompaniment to my vegan tasting menu desserts, but it’s just as delicious on its own.


1 x can coconut milk or coconut cream (full fat)

5 tbsp cocoa powder – high quality

3-4 tbsp icing sugar

1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract

2-3 tbsp peanut butter


The most important thing in this simple recipe is to ensure the coconut milk/cream is suitably chilled. Either place the can in the fridge over night or freeze for 10 minutes or so to ensure it’s ice cold.

Open the can and transfer only the thick part to the bowl. It’s important you use full fat for this or else you will not have a good enough consistency. Whip the coconut milk with an electric whisk until smooth then add in the other ingredients and whip until it forms a silky mousse-like texture. Dust with grated vegan chocolate or some desiccated coconut and serve.

Gary Townsend is head chef at One Devonshire Gardens by Hotel du Vin, Glasgow. See or phone 0141 378 0385 to book.

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