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With the second half of the season on the horizon, who should stay, who should go, and who should be added for the stretch run were common questions in the Twins Daily community.

What types of trades should Twins pursue? Trades for reliable middle relief, says @Game7-91. Somewhat ironic that their screen name is a game which featured no Twins relievers at all!

For some, chocolate is a guilty indulgence; others, coffee. For we Twins fans, like @Trov, it’s apparently asking Would you Trade Correa this year? The answer always seems to be no because the Twins keep winning, but the looming opt-out means we just can’t help asking the question.

Have a message for the chef? You’re not alone, according to @Jack Griffin: Rocco Baldelli: suffering from success. But you probably won’t find a better meal right now at a different restaurant.

If you like sour or bitter flavors, you also probably enjoy longtime Twins scribe Patrick Reusse. But our @Comrade Bork wonders, Is Reusse still relevant? Or is he too consistently pessimistic about a successful modern ballclub?

More realism than pessimism, one player certainly seems like he is out of the Twins plans. Sano who? @mikelink45 thinks we are better off without Miguel, and wonders how to handle his eventual return to health this season.

Finally, no baseball recipe is complete without a generous pinch of trivia. @CRF obliges in Do you know your A – B – C’s? by pointing out the alphabetical nature of recent Twins lineups.

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