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Churros with chocolate-custard sauce

“This is my mum’s and grandma’s recipe. I remember standing on a chair watching my grandmother cook these and my girls, now, make it the same at home,” says Adrian Feher, of this recipe shared on The Chef’s Line. The distinctive star shape of these fried dough strips (made with a churros press or a piping bag) is the secret to the cruncy exterior and fluffy centre. These are perfect served up with a chocolate dipping sauce (custard powder is the secret ingredient!). 

Cinnamon sugar churros with a bitter sweet chocolate sauce

While often traditionally served for breakfast, churros make an equally good dessert. Here, golden curls of fried dough are served with a rich chocolate-cream sauce. 

Brazilian doughnuts (churros with doce de leite)

The love of this popular fried snack, breakfast or dessert has spread around the world. In this Brazilian version, the fried churros are cut open and doce de leite, a caramel, is piped inside. You can use any kind of thick caramel, or chocolate. 

Chai masala churros

In this recipe, Adam Liaw puts an Indian spin on the Spanish sweet, dusting the churros in a chai masala sugar – an easy-to-make blend of sugar, ground cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger and black pepper.

Sweet potato churros (keria churros)

Kuih keria are a classic Malaysian sweet potato doughnut served as a popular street snack. In this recipe, Diana Chan has turned them into a churro version, sprinkled with floral Sichuan sugar.

Hot chocolate with churros

There’s an extra element of chocolate indulgence in this Argentinian recipe. In Argentina, a hot chocolate is often served using a chunk of chocolate called a ‘submarino’. Like a submarine, it goes into the depths – or in this case, it’s dropped into a glass or cup of warm, sweet milk and stirred to dissolve. In this recipe, churros are served alongside, and can be dipped into the hot choc drink. 


Crème Catalan with cinnamon churros

Swinging back to Spain again, this recipe sees churros served up alongside a classic Catalonian dessert where a layer of toffee tops a lemon-cinnamon custard. Serve the churros hot, and dip into the creme catalan as you eat. 

Salted caramel ice-cream churros tacos

This recipe from Paul Wilson take the churros in a totally different direction. Here, the dough is piped flat, then served with salted caramel ice-cream, salted caramel sauce and nut praline. Most elements can be made in advance, so this is a great make-ahead dessert, with just the frying of the ‘tacos’ to be done when ready to serve. 

Piping hot

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