Creative recipe ideas from Callebaut’s latest Inspire magazine –

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Find inside:

  • Proprietary Market Research
  • Pub-specific Marketing Advice
  • Recipes including Vegan
  • Chocolate Academy Interview
  • Callebaut Product Details

The summer edition of Inspire​, Callebaut’s exclusive category magazine, shares the latest category information and advice to help pub operators increase their dessert profit margins, drawing on extensive expertise and insight.

Inspire​’s pages communicate creative ideas, expert opinions and market research, guiding hospitality professionals through a constantly evolving landscape as they embark on the road to recovery following the pandemic.

The magazine offers information to pub operators so they can learn how to not only elevate their recipes with chocolate, but how to effectively market their offering.

Recipes featured include a golden chocolate milkshake, white chocolate and fruit compote pot with sponge, dark chocolate cookies filled with oozing chocolate, gold chocolate covered popcorn and no bake ruby chocolate cheesecake — all good solutions for the pub trade.

All recipes feature indulgent Callebaut chocolate with the option to upsell consumers with the addition of Mona Lisa decorations to deliver that wow factor making them Instagram-worthy.

Recipes can be adapted to takeaway as well. Callebaut’s proprietary market research highlights the value of to-go desserts, with operators able to earn up to £18,000 per year by offering just ten takeaway and delivery options[1]​.

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