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A cocktail – any cocktail – is always a welcome sip, but let’s take things up a notch. Why stick to the straights when you can add some extra tang to your gin spritzer, chocolate to your martini and… fermented probiotics to your bloody Mary?

The beauty of a boozy beverage is that it can take some experimentation. Which can lead to you finding your new Friday night favourite. Maple syrup in your old fashioned, anyone?

Come on, it’s time to shake things up.

Kimchi Bloody Mary

This cocktail is so full of vegetables and fermented probiotics it’s practically a smoothie. The tabasco kick only adds to its health benefits.

Mulled coffee

You know you’re onto a good thing when you have to set fire to your grog-infused brew and let it burn, baby, burn before sipping. Café caleta is as much about the theatre as it is the drinking.

Chocolate martini

Now here’s a combination we can get on board with: a cardamom-infused vodka martini spiked with dark chocolate. Talk about warming the choc-kles…

Roasted piña colada

If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain… for the ultimate escape, your half brain will appreciate caramelising your pineapple before mixing up this tropical holiday.

Maple old fashioned

Ditch the sugar cube and let the maple syrup flow instead. It brings a caramel richness that makes an old fashioned new again.

Calamansi gin spritzer

For an even zingier version of a gin spritzer, slip in some calamansi instead of lemon or lime. The tartness of the fruit is such a refreshing match for gin.

Rosé jelly with vanilla cream and berries

Turn your cocktail into a fully-fledged dessert with a slug of gelatine and a dash of panache. If you thought drinking rosé was one step closer to heaven, try a spoonful of this and open the gates.

Watermelon basil margarita

If summer was a cocktail

Passionfruit jellies with a shot of vodka or gin

But back to the ‘cocktail as dessert’ option… add a shot of vodka or gin to this easy passionfruit jellies recipe and you’re laughing. Probably quite literally.

Mexican-style beer bloody Mary

The michelada is a savoury beer cocktail flavoured similarly to a virgin Mary. Lime, chilli, salt, hot sauce and cold beer come together in a chilled, salt-rimmed glass. ¡olé!

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