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Chocolate in any form is loved by people. Be it as a cake or a gooey dessert , it is hardly ever refused. If you are someone who loves chocolate , here is a must-try recipe that food enthusiast Micheal Ligier recently shared; it became a hit with netizens.

He captioned the post on Instagram, “chocolate 2 . 0!? ”

In the viral video with more than 2, 50, 000 likes, he first melts chocolate with some milk and adds agar powder to it. He then takes a plastic tube, a syringe and a precision scale. Then, he fills a plastic tube with this chocolate and drops it in boiling water. Further, he takes out the chocolates noodles.

Ligier is known to use molecular gastronomy techniques to try out new recipes with traditional ingredients. For the unversed, molecular gastronomy is a culinary discipline where chefs use food science to create unusual and creative dishes .

His post was flooded with mixed reactions with some users calling it “amazing”, while others stating that it is “wild”. A user said, “I don’t know if I like this or not, but I’m definitely going to make it. ”

“Dude wanna give everyone diabetes, ” read one comment, while another remarked, “Slurping is my new favorite”.

Another user pointed out that instead of using boiling milk, he should use a room temperature dairy. “Why do you use boiling milk for this recipe? Boiling milk changes it’s chemical composition and makes it taste eggy. Instead you should try making use of milk between 60-70 degree Celsius. ”

Previously, Ligier also made chocolate spheres using molecular gastronomy techniques.

“I love his videos, but this man said it’s easy to make it home but ends up doing a whole science experiment , ” remarked 1 user.

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