All Elite Wrestling


All Elite Wrestling

AEW has one of the best rosters in wrestling today, a lineup that includes big names like Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley, as well as rising stars from the independent ranks. The brand also has an incredibly strong tag-team division with Young Bucks, Hardy Bros and more.

The company has recently signed former WWE stars and added top talent from the independents. They have a strong focus on developing the next generation of stars in the industry and are currently on track to become a major player in the pro wrestling world.

Some AEW wrestlers work on a part-time basis. This allows them to be insured through the company and avoid a constant travel schedule that can cause a lot of physical stress.

Another thing that sets AEW apart is its emphasis on cross-promoting with other promotions. It has worked with New Japan, Impact, NWA and TNA numerous times over the years.

In fact, AEW has even been known to swap stars out with other promotions for house shows and PPVs. This is something that WWE never does, and it shows a willingness to embrace the world of independent wrestling.

It’s a great way for AEW to gain exposure in markets where they may not have been seen before. It might not make them a household name right away, but it could help grow the business and build a loyal fanbase.

AEW has been in the news lately for a number of things, most recently Vince McMahon’s return to the company and his plans for the future. Matt Hardy, who spent time under the former CEO’s reign, believes he’s looking to get back to creative control in the promotion.