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5 homemade kulfi recipes that will cool you down

Written by Sneha Das

Jun 09, 2022, 08:24 pm 2 min read

5 homemade kulfi recipes that will cool you down
These kulfi recipes are easy to make and will remind you of your childhood. (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

One of the most beloved Indian desserts, kulfi is a frozen milk-based dessert that is believed to have originated during the Mughal era in the 16th century. This go-to summer season treat is usually sold by street vendors in the narrow lanes of different Indian cities. However, you can also easily make it at home by following these five super simple kulfi recipes.

Mango pista kulfi

Summers are incomplete without some fresh juicy mangoes. So, how about trying some creamy mango kulfi infused with lots of nuts as a dessert? Blend together sliced mangoes and cardamom. Add sugar, heavy cream, milk, and vanilla ice cream to it and blend everything well. Pour the mixture into kulfi molds, garnish with pistachios and freeze for seven-eight hours. Remove the molds and serve.

Chocolate kulfi

Add milk, cream, and milk powder to a kadhai and stir well. Boil the mixture on medium flame and simmer for 10 minutes. Add sugar and stir well until the milk turns creamy. Add chocolate chips, and vanilla extract and mix well. Pour into kulfi molds and freeze for at least eight hours. Unmold and garnish with nuts and chocolate sauce before serving.

Watermelon kulfi

This watermelon kulfi is dairy-free, healthy, refreshing, and perfect to keep you hydrated during the summer. Puree some watermelon cubes and keep it aside. Mix this puree with cucumber puree, chaat masala, sugar, salt, and lemon juice. Pour into kulfi molds and freeze for a few hours until set. Unmold the kulfis and serve with some fresh cream if you like.

Coconut and lychee kulfi

This delicious and creamy coconut and lychee kulfi will refresh you during the hot summer days. Add milk powder, coconut flesh, coconut milk powder, and full cream milk to a pan and stir well. Add lychee flesh and mix again. Let it cool, pour into kulfi molds and insert a wooden stick. Freeze for a few hours, unmold and serve chilled.

Turmeric kulfi

Boil milk with fresh turmeric until it thickens. Let it cool and then add cardamom powder, and honey to the milk and whisk well. Add cream and whisk again. Pour into chilled kulfi molds and freeze for two hours. Take out the semi-soft kulfi and whisk again. Place them in kulfi molds and freeze them again. Unmold, garnish with some turmeric powder and serve.

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