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From cacao seeds to a sweet and gooey flavour, chocolate can be a strange addiction.

Although consuming a huge amount is unhealthy, eating the right proportion of chocolate can provide a number of benefits: It can improve your memory, blood circulation and, most importantly, it plays a role in making you a happier human.

Eating a chocolate bar casually can be convenient and fast. However, there are other ways of eating chocolate “indirectly” — by including them in your favourite desserts to enjoy with loved ones.

5 Simple And Delicious Desserts You Can Make From Chocolate Bars

Fudgy Chunkies Brownies

Fudgy Chunky Brownie. Photo Credit: Ambitious kitchen

Everyone loves brownies and it is one of the most popular desserts you can find out there. Not only are they a great tasty snack, but making your own brownies can be a fun and interesting family activity to enjoy with your kids.

All that’s needed to take them to the next tier are chunks of crunchy, savoury chocolate bars and the oven. Brownies are simply delicious, rich in chocolate, gooey and soft on the inside, and possess a delicate texture without the dryness when you munch. You will be smiling before you know it after taking a bite.

Here’s The Recipe By Love To Be In The Kitchen

Frozen S’mores Pies

Frozen S’mores Pies. Photo Credit: Epicurious

Inspired by our best campfire treat, “The Famous S’Mores” — how nostalgic! Remember what it felt like to toast the marshmallows after a long day while being a Boy and Girl Scout? This dessert is very similar to your good old days’ treat, but with just a little twist to make it more sensational and frozen.

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The protagonist of this incredible dessert is the layer. The trick is by doubling the graham cracker part to make a thick coating and adding some tiny chocolate chips that will bring you the taste of perfection!

Here’s Our Favourite Recipe By Katherine Sacks

Italian Sundaes With Chocolate Spreads

Italian Sundaes With Chocolate Spreads. Photo credit: Epicurious

Thinking about Italians, “gelato” might be quite familiar to you. This dessert is super simple to make. All you need to have are two pints of Fior di Latte, a type of gelato without the egg yolks, and a cup of chocolate spread. If you can’t find the gelato, vanilla ice cream is a great substitution. To assemble this delicious treat you will need to scoop gelato in a chilled bowl, add some spreads, another scoop of gelato and any desired toppings!

Gooey Chocolate Microwave Mug Cake. Photo Credit: Epicurious.

To make this dessert, only a microwave is required and your cute microwave-safe little mug — no oven necessary!  All you need to do are stir together the flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking powder, and salt in a mug.

Mix the cream, oil, and 3 tablespoons of water until smooth.

Make a well in the middle with a spoon, and pour half of the caramel sauce into the well.

Microwave it for 60 seconds on high power and carefully take it out. If you want, add ice cream, peanuts, and the rest of the caramel sauce on top. Then, it is ready to serve immediately! Bon Appétit!

Chocolate Fudge Pops. Photo Credit: thekitchn.

Another effortless recipe that will make your life easier: easy peasy fudge popsicles. A popsicle mould and a stick are the most important things you’ll need to make this.

To make this recipe, put coconut milk, condensed milk, cocoa powder, and a little salt in a blender and blend until smooth. Then, pour the blended mixture into the ice-pop moulds. Freeze it for an hour so you can put the stick in, and then freeze it again for about 4 hours, or until it is firm. The last step is to dip the moulds into cold water and carefully remove your popsicle from the mould. Enjoy!

Some Fun Facts About Chocolate

Did you know that “Latin America and Asia” produce the majority of the world’s chocolate?

However, in the cocoa industry, child labour, slavery, and deforestation are common problems because cocoa can only be grown in a small area and in countries that are less economically developed.

To avoid fueling this raging fire, the solution is to support sustainable chocolate from local farmers where all of the profits go directly to them and their product.

Child labour: the dark truth behind chocolate production ( Image credit : Raconteur )

Top Tips To Choose A Sustainable Chocolate


  • Chocolate from West Africa

Favor businesses that:

  • Source cocoa transparently
  • Make contact with farmers.
  • Make chocolate from farmer-owned cocoa
  • Use eco-friendly packaging and low footprints

At Impakter’s Eco Marketplace, you can be sure that all the chocolate products are 100% eco-friendly and support fair-trade and local farmers. Because we believe that in order to make our society better and greener, we need to make a small impact every single day.

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