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‘Tis the season to start using ‘Tis excessively and of course, hot chocolate, which is why we’ve curated a list of the best hot chocolate recipes you can find for the holidays.

There’s nothing a decadent cup of hot chocolate can’t do. If you, like us, plan on cuddling in a cosy blanket this season, then do it better with a cup of hot chocolate.

Check out the best hot chocolate recipes that ooze joy this festive season:

Hot Chocolate with whipped cream

A full mug of rich hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings is the perfect way to start a wintry morning.

Hot chocolate with bourbon

Hot chocolate as a drink is anything but basic. Though on special occasions, if you fancy making it fancier, then add a little bourbon to enhance its taste.

French-style hot chocolate

Think a beautiful blend of cinnamon, vanilla essence, and dark chocolate. We are already drooling over it. Stay warm this winter with the best hot chocolate recipes.

One-cup hot chocolate

Craving a tasty mug full of hot chocolate, but no patience for it? Then give this quick one-cup hot chocolate recipe a try. It’s not very chocolaty but also not too white with milk. Just perfect!

No cocoa powder hot chocolate

Once you learn how to make the best hot chocolate without the powder, there’s never going back to that method. This method gives you a creamy, rich, smooth chocolate drink, with added vanilla and a touch of whipped cream.

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