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We all go through that emotional havoc and dreary feelings from time to time! Everybody has their own way to deal with the feelings of melancholy. But some people always unfurl the pattern of binge eating as a way to reduce stress and get rid of those sad and empty feelings. Consequently, end up on the guilt trip of distressing health goals! Plenty of health-friendly foods can boost the mood while reducing stress without distressing your health. All you have to do is just toss them into delicious recipes and they are all set to give your feel-good endorphins a great rush. Here we bring you 4 guilt-free mood-boosting recipes that you should definitely cook at home.

1. Baked quinoa chickpea square bites

Ingredients required

  • 50 grams of chickpeas (boiled and mashed)

  • 20 grams of cooked quinoa

  • 20 grams of whole wheat flour

  • 1 egg

  • 1 teaspoon powdered sesame seeds

  • 5 grams of unsalted butter

  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

  • ½ teaspoon salt

  • ½ teaspoon baking soda

  • 1 teaspoon honey


  • Take a bowl and mix together all the wet ingredients including melted butter, whisked egg, honey and vanilla essence.

  • Take another bowl and stir together whole wheat flour, mashed chickpea, salt, baking soda, quinoa and sesame seeds. Formulate a soft dough.

  • Cut out cookie-like sizes from this dough

  • Bake until they turn crisp brown.

Baked quinoa chickpea square bites

2. Blueberries and kokum punch

Ingredients required


Baked quinoa chickpea square bites   

3. Crunchy dark chocolate bars

Ingredients required


  • Start by taking a pan and lightly roast or sauté all the nuts in it together.

  • Now, take another pan and melt the jaggery in it on a moderate flame.

  • Once done, mix the lemon rind in the sautéed nuts and mix it in the melted jaggery.

  • Evenly spread the mixture over a flat surface and drizzle the peanut butter and melted dark chocolate over it 

  • Let it allow to settle for a while.

  • Cut the bar into small rectangles and pack and relish during the time of snacking.

Crunchy dark chocolate bars

4. Leftover Chapati pizza

Ingredients required

  • Homemade leftover chapati

  • 50 grams of Mushrooms (chopped)

  • 50 grams of Capsicum (chopped)

  • Olives

  • 20 grams cottage cheese (mashed)

  • Oregano as per the taste

  • Chilli flakes as per the taste


  • Take the chapati and spread pizza sauce over it.

  • Arrange the toppings of mushroom, capsicum and olives over it and bake until golden brown.

  • Sprinkle some chilli flakes and oregano and enjoy!

Leftover chapati pizza

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