38 Best Copycat Recipes from the Southern Living Archives – Southern Living

Raise your hand if you’ve ever heard some iteration of the statement: “We’re not going out to eat; we have food here.” If you’re not raising your hand, you’re either lying or very rich. Even as adults, it can be difficult to eat the kale salad in your fridge when you’re fighting an overwhelming craving for your favorite local pizza spot. With this list of our best restaurant copycat recipes, though, “we have food here” is the best news a kid (or parent) can get. Whether you have a hankering for the fried goodness of a Bloomin’ Onion or the sweet comfort of a Pop Tart in the morning, we have copycat recipes you’ll love. With nostalgic copycat recipes like homemade Bomb Pops and Cookie Cake, little ones will want to get involved in cooking up their favorite treats with you. As someone who had carryout Thai food last night, I can’t say I always subscribe to the “we have food here” mindset, but these incredible restaurant copycat recipes will have me and you both eating in more often.

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