25 Vintage-Inspired Chocolate Desserts – Southern Living

A good dessert stands the test of time, especially if it’s a chocolate one. Passed down through word of mouth or placed in trusty cookbooks, vintage desserts continue to grace the table at Southern family functions, holiday celebrations, and weekly Sunday dinners. Adults and children alike swoon over their heavenly scents and decadent tastes. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who dare pass on a slice or bite of one of these classic chocolate recipes. Some of our favorites were developed as a twist on a sweet treat that was more cost-effective in trying times. Others started as a tribute to regional ingredients for bakers across the South. From Mississippi Mud Cake to Chocolate Pudding Pie, these are bound to be crowd-pleasers for the chocolate enthusiasts in every bunch. These vintage chocolate recipes may just take you right back to your childhood or offer you a new twist on a beloved staple. Either way, we know they’re finger-licking good and near impossible to resist!