25 Best Chocolate Desserts for Christmas – Insanely Good – Insanely Good Recipes

Chocolate Desserts for Christmas
Chocolate Desserts for Christmas
Chocolate Desserts for Christmas

Forget the figgy pud and put down that pumpkin pie because these decadent chocolate desserts for Christmas are all the sweetness you’ll need.

And remember: whether it’s January or July, it’s never too early to start thinking about the holidays!

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Sweet Homemade Christmas Chocolate Truffles

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning gifts or an elaborate dinner menu, these Christmas chocolate recipes will always be a hit.

From cookies plus brownies to cheesecakes and yule logs, you’ll find something here for any size celebration.

And hey, just because the title says ‘chocolate desserts with regard to Christmas ‘ doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy these recipes year round 😉

Now, let’s get to it!    

20+ Easy Christmas Chocolate Quality recipes

If you think gingerbread cookies are good, just wait until you get a load of these chocolate gingerbread cookies.

They’ll blow the regular kind out of the water.

They’re soft, chewy, and chocolatey, with plenty of gingerbread spice. And you can make them in any shape you like.

The chocolate glaze on top makes them even more decadent, but it’s not essential.

Serve these for parties, or package them as gifts. People will love them either way.

This recipe takes sugar cookies to a whole new level, too.

Made with just eight simple ingredients, they’re more or less traditional sugar cookies with added cocoa powder.

They’re sweet, sugary, and melt-in-your-mouth scrumptious.

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They are also perfect for dipping in a tall glass of milk. Santa will love these bad boys.

Simple or even elaborate, yule log cakes taste divine. Fortunately, they’re straightforward to make and always make a splash.  

If you can make a pumpkin or Swiss roll , you can make a yule log. Just cut the end off at an angle plus stick it to the side.

Then, cover it along with chocolate frosting or ganache. How easy is that?

And no, the decorations aren’t that difficult. Run a fork through the frosting and add a few berries.

These soft, buttery cookies are impossible to resist.

And while they may not look particularly festive, they flawlessly combine chocolate and cinnamon for a warm, rich, unforgettable flavor.  

It just isn’t Christmas in my house without chocolate icebox biscuits. Plus, you can totally add a white glaze and holiday sprinkle if you want!

Want something that tastes great and looks festive? Check out these colorful, chocolatey Christmas truffles .  

You’ll need simply three ingredients to make the truffles themselves. Then, cover all of them in chocolate and decorate them with sprinkles or icing.

Stick them in the fridge for a couple of hours, plus voila! Delectable little crowd-pleasers in no time at all.  

These types of crunchy, nutty truffles aren’t as festive as the ones above. But luckily, what they lack in festivities, they make up for in flavor.

Plus, you’ll need just five ingredients to make nearly four dozen of them.

And if you want something more Christmassy, go ahead and sprinkle some edible gold sprinkles on top.

Molten chocolate bread are fluffy, chocolatey, and covered in powdered sugar. That, alone, makes them worthy of a place on our list.  

However , none of those is the best thing about these cakes. Nope. That honor goes to the chocolates lava that will spills out when you cut them.  

The gooey chocolate is rich, warm, and totally indulgent. You won’t discover anyone who doesn’t love these sweet treats.

There’s nothing like a mug of hot cocoa by the fire after a family feast.

But instead of making a big pot, why not make some hot cocoa pops and let your family make their own?

Not only do earning terrific gifts for friends, but they’re a super fun little surprise at the end of the big day.

Oh, and they’re insanely delish!

What’s light, spongy, plus yummy all over? These Guinness chocolate cupcakes, of course!

They’re sweet and salty masterpieces, combining chocolate, caramel, and espresso.

Boozy, adults-only cupcakes are ideal for any vacation, but I think the rich flavors make them perfect for Xmas.

Reindeer bark is a thick slab of dark chocolate with pretzel antlers and candy eyes.

Add your favorite red candies for Rudolph’s nose, plus you’ve got a fun, festive dessert.

It’s sweet and salty and takes just 15 minutes to make.

Christmas rocky road fudge is nutty and fantastic.

It’s a chunky, colorful confection that combines chewy marshmallows, salty peanuts, and chocolate candies .

It doesn’t require any cooking. Plus, you can have it ready for the particular fridge in 20 minutes or less.

Just be sure you give it at least an hour to harden.

This sweet and tangy cheesecake is genuinely decadent.

It features three layers: white chocolate , milk chocolate, and a chocolatey crust.

It’s the gluten-free, no-bake dessert option that takes some time to get right. Fortunately, the process isn’t difficult – just a little time-consuming.  

Make it a day ahead so that it can hang out in the fridge overnight and set properly.

Then, top it with some fun holiday chocolates.

Lady Godiva was a breathtaking beauty. And these brownies are too!

They’re thick, fudgy, and flipping fantastic . No disrespect to the gorgeous Godiva, but these Godiva brownies are far superior.  

When something is this gooey, soft, and chewy, no one will turn it down.

And they’re so easy to make festive! Throw on a white and dark chocolate ganache swirl, and scatter over some red and green sprinkles.

Or, add the color to the middle with red and green M& Ms.

We all know that mint and chocolate are a match made in heaven. And it’s a pretty standard festive flavor combo.

But you’ve never had it like this before!

The cheesecake filling will be impossibly thick and rich, with plenty of chocolate and peppermint flavor.

Add a silky-smooth ganache topping and crushed candy canes, and it’ll rival any old Christmas cake.

Trifle is such a fabulous dessert . It’s full of tasty plus colorful layers, and it looks just spectacular in a large bowl as in individual portions.

Plus between the chocolate and cherries, this one just screams Christmas!

Make these types of babies in your favorite joyful glasses, and they’ll be a hit!

What’s the difference between trifle and parfait?

Well, trifle is usually served inside a tall, glass bowl that shows off all the incredible layers.

Of course , both can be made either way, so what you call them doesn’t matter.

What matters is that these chocolatey desserts are fairly sweet and tangy with a beautiful blend of fluffy and crunchy.


This seven-ingredient cake is the moistest, springiest cake you could ever imagine.

It’s a simple chocolate bundt cake , but there’s nothing simple about its taste.

It packs the bold wallop of chocolatey goodness in every bite. And that’s true with or without the chocolate glaze.  

If you need a quick and easy chocolate dessert for Xmas, this is it!

In the mood for something impossibly decadent? Chocolate pavlova is the recipe for you!

I can’t even adequately describe it to you. It is just so much deliciousness in one bite.  

Everything about it is spectacular, from the silky cream and chewy meringue to the most chocolatey of chocolate flavors.

In addition, it’s ridiculously gorgeous.  

The only thing missing is a few red raspberries. Trust me, they’ll make this thing pop!

Is it just me, or are macarons the most elegant desserts ever? I adore them. They’re small and lovely, sweet but not too sweet.

Basically, they’re kind of perfect.   And these babies feature yummy, refreshing peppermint and plenty of chocolate.

And how incredibly festive do they look? Put out a tray of these, and they’ll disappear in a flash.

Christmas dessert doesn’t always have to be big and splashy. In fact , after a big feast, something small might be preferred.

And what goes better with an after-dinner coffee than a crunchy, sweet biscotti?

This one is usually loaded with chocolatey goodness. Add some chopped cherries if you want pops of color.

You’ve cleared the table and put the dishes out of sight until tomorrow. Right now it’s time for a plate of these incredibly rich Christmas truffles.

You’ll want to save these regarding when the little ones are in bed. They’ve got a nice kick of spiced rum that’s strictly adult-only.

They’re smooth, melt-in-your-mouth incredible, and impossible to resist.

Panforte is thick, chewy, and super nutty with a wonderful hint of essence.

Between the chocolate flavor and pleasant texture, it’s almost like a fruit cake and chocolate bars bark had a baby.

It’s hard to describe but delicious to eat. Plus who needs a long-winded description when you can enjoy it for yourself?!

How amazing does this delicious chocolate “salami” log look?

It’s full of Amaretti cookies and nuts, giving it plenty of crunchy texture. And it’s enrobed in chocolate for the ultimate treat.

Plus, that powered sugar coating is so clever! This particular makes a terrific addition to any dessert board.

I had to include one white chocolate formula, and this mousse is no slouch.

It has a delightful texture that’s pudding-like – only much fluffier. Plus, it’s sweeter and less rich than the darker candy recipes.

So it’s ideal for kids!

It’s a cool, refreshing dessert full of chocolate goodness. Don’t forget all the chocolate sprinkles for a little textural contrast!

These have all the phenomenal flavor of a chocolate orange, but they’re much cuter.

I think these mini tarts are some of the prettiest I’ve actually seen.   It’s the particular combination of rich, shiny sweet and warm orange colors.

And when you can make those enchanting orange slice butterflies, they’re even better.  

These will make a real impression at Christmas, and they’re sure to wow the crowd.

25 Best Chocolate Christmas Dessert Collection

25 Best Chocolate Xmas Dessert Collection

Forget the figgy pud and put down that pumpkin pie because these insanely decadent chocolate desserts for Christmas are all the sweetness you will need.



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Chocolate Desserts for Christmas