25 Best Chocolate Desserts — Easy Chocolate Dessert Recipes – Good Housekeeping

There are people who have a sweet tooth — then there are others who have a sweet tooth just for chocolate. As much as we love a light and refreshing fruit-based dessert, any chocolate lover will tell you what their go-to dessert would be. It doesn’t hurt that the sweet cocoa product comes in so many forms (ice cream, candy bars, cakes … ). Chocolate in any form tastes amazing, but there’s something about a homemade dessert that just tastes better.

These creative and simple-to-make chocolate recipes turn old classics into the sweetest and most decadent versions of themselves: think hot, fudge-y brownies, rich and smooth chocolate cheesecake, and chewy chocolate bark. And if you’re looking at the full chocolate spectrum, from milky mouse to bittersweet dark chocolate, you’d be surprised how versatile this treat can really be. Read on for some easy chocolate desserts that deserve a try!