21 Best Hot Chocolate Recipes – Homemade Hot Cocoa Recipes – The Pioneer Woman

Wrap yourself in a comfy blanket and light the fireplace because winter weather will be here before you know it! Looking for other ways to get cozy? These creamy, dreamy hot chocolate recipes are here to warm you right up. Whether it’s a homemade very hot cocoa mix that you can keep in the pantry or a slow cooker recipe that’s great for serving a crowd, these warm chocolate ideas are perfect for any snowy day of the season. Here, you’ll find tons of creative twists on the classic cocoa mix , including gingerbread hot chocolate, peanut butter hot chocolates, and Baileys cocktail for those who want a cozy spiked drink.

If you’re a chocolate lover of any kind, you might want to check out Ree Drummond’s white hot dark chocolate made with white chocolate chips. The festive after-dinner drink is perfect for sipping on while you decorate the tree—and it can even double as Christmas dessert ! For other holiday-inspired ideas, Ree’s peppermint hot cocoa mix makes for a pretty Christmas food gift and the eggnog sizzling chocolate is a fun twist on classic eggnog. Even when Christmas has come and gone, these hot chocolate recipes are the best winter drinks to keep you cozy throughout the time of year. After all, who can resist a sweet and decadent caramel hot chocolate? Certainly not Ree: “I love hot chocolate bars and really can’t be trusted around it, ” she says.