20 Best Wedding Cake Flavors Ranked – Mashed

Pistachios are one of the most popular nuts, except they are not really nuts! Not only are they seeds that come in other colors, including red and pink, but they are also an ancient snack with origins in Western Asia (via Nuts and Snacks). As a cake flavor, pistachio can be paired with various types of chocolate, citrus, dried fruit, and spices to create some really interesting flavors.

Now, its position here is not so much about pistachio cake lacking as a wedding cake flavor, but the fact that there are other nut cakes that generally fare better. Or rather, it perhaps just hasn’t been showcased as well. Nevertheless, given its versatility, even if it’s not the star at the wedding cake table, there are always plenty of ways to incorporate pistachio in your dessert selection, whether as macaroons, shortcake bars, cheesecake pies, baklava, or as an accompanying ice cream. If you’re feeling especially reminiscent though, there’s still this Watergate Cake recipe for a journey down history’s lane.

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