11 Types Of Chocolate Perfect For Your Next Fondue – Mashed

All types of chocolate have different amounts of cocoa, milk, and sugar, giving them all distinct levels of sweetness, and various delicious flavors. Dark chocolate alone is available in three different varieties: Regular dark chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, and semi-sweet chocolate. Semi-sweet chocolate is a chocolate that is made up of about 35% to 65% cocoa solids, as compared to bittersweet chocolate’s 70% solid cocoa content (as per Nutstop). The result is a chocolate that is a sweeter version of regular and dark chocolate, though it isn’t as sweet as milk chocolate.

Semi-sweet chocolate is the perfect blend of sugar and cocoa for any chocolate lover, particularly those who like sweet treats but don’t enjoy super sweet chocolate. Additionally, semi-sweet chocolate is ideal for people who want to consume a kind of dark chocolate, but don’t want to start off with an overly bitter candy.

Semi-sweet chocolate can be used to make some pretty wonderful fondues too. It’s sweet enough to balance out the salty taste of a pretzel, should you choose to dip those into your sugary fondue. A semi-sweet chocolate fondue could also pair well with sweeter dipping items, like apple slices or sweet almonds.